A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Game Maker's Toolkit game jam 2019 game by @landinger and @wowa_u

Our brave heroes must move through a winding dungeon. Traps doors small alleys in front of them! Every single one of the heroes can perform "ONLY ONE" movement.  Against all odds - can they find their way through tricky puzzles with friendship helpfulness and the will to combine their powers?

Help them and find out in "One Action Heroes"!

Controls (Tutorial is in the game)

Move "Prince horizontival the first" with ARROW LEFT / ARROW RIGHT

Move "Duke vert the pure" with ARROW UP / ARROW DOWN

"Grabaron the wise" grabs/releases with SPACEBAR

Updated 8 days ago
Published 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorTapehead Games
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, vector


One Action Heroes (windows).zip 22 MB
One Action Heroes (mac).zip 37 MB
One Action Heroes (linux).zip 34 MB

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This is my favorite of the games from the jam so far. I love it so much!

If you do a full game, please add a restart level button, instead of having to go to the pause menu to restart. Thanks!

Thank you very much! We will :)

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Great puzzle game but I found a bug that forced me to restart from the beginning.  Here's my recording of it. Bug is at 1:09.  

I was pressing space bar and the arrow keys but it wasn't doing anything.

Thank you very much for playing and recording! We will have a look at the bug trying to reproduce and fix it. We respect your time so sorry for the inconvenience with the bug.

Not a problem, it's great game so I look forward to playing more of it.


Thanks! This is great! :)

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I just saw that you guys are the same ones that made Blood for Blood, which was also a great game. I've started following you and can't wait to see what you make next!

I was also wondering what font you used in the game?

Haha... yes we are. Thanks a lot for playing TWO of our games. We really appreciate it. Thanks for the follow as well. Right now we are thinking and talking about if we make "One Action Heroes" our first full game. We received a lot of good feedback. We will see what our discussions bring but there is a good chance that we start working on a first full game. Of course there will be jam games in the future as well. The Name of the font in the game is "Baron". But we only used the small caps of it!

The game looks very polished, but there are a lot of quality of life features missing. Like R for restart, movement also with WASD, saving progress, displaying the level in the top right and Z to revert by one action (though more difficult to add).

Though I do want to praise the great art, original concept and humour. I got stuck a couple levels after the graber guy was introduced. It was the level were you needed to get them all down into one long corridor at the bottom of the level.

Thanks for playing our jam game and investing your time! Also thank you for the feedback. The 48h time cap on the jam hit us hard so sadly we couldnt integrate everything that we would love to have in the game such as some of your mentioned features. Quick restart was brought to us by some of the community members and will be integrated in a post-jam version. And also your other ideas we are going to talk about them so we really appreciate your words. Yes some of the levels are a bit tricky. We know we made a challenging puzzler and that was our intention to make the game that way. Hopefully the getting stuck was not because of a bug. There is a minor one with the grabber but a restart of the level fixes it right now.

Yeah the game is quite challenging. I couldn't progress because the puzzle was too difficult for me. Perhaps you can also add a level select screen with islands (like Baba is You), so that players don't get stuck on one puzzle.

We added the feature for saving the progression for the jam version, for this case, so you can return to the game anytime. Often you need just some distance to get new perspective to solve a puzzle. But, you're right a feature like a map and possibility to progress on another puzzle is necessarily.