A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Click to produce
Click to upgrade
Click to manage workers
Click to populate

Click for glory and honour!

Made for #1BitClickerJam

1 Kingdom
5 Resources
2 glorious colors

RMB to switch music on and off

Game progress will be saved automatically

a game by
Sebastian Landinger (@landinger)
Waldemar Umaniz (@wowa_u)

music by


KingdomClicker_Win.zip 12 MB
KingdomClicker_Mac.zip 14 MB
KingdomClicker_Linux.zip 27 MB


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Emmmmm... What can I say about this game? Well... One, fullscreen mode has to be in. Two, you have to put more variety. Three, I played five minutes and I wanted to go to another game. Sorry


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nice game!!!

l love clicker games!!!

See also my video:

nice game, but gets old fast. feels more like a proof-of-concept  than a real game.

this looks like a slightly more fleshed out version of a browser game i played called civ clicker.

This one's dangerous.. congrats! ^^

Hey. This game is beautiful. Have you released this to market?

It's interesting to see how you managed to combine the genres of resource management games with the clicker game. <3 And the pixel art is really beautiful! Especially the rotating windmill has a place in my heart. :) A nice little  'time killer', clickclickclick... :D That's why I included this entry in our compilation article about the 1-Bit Clicker jam as well as in the related showcase video, along with two other fantastic entries. :) Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,

ekran çok küçük

Great game! Really impressive!

Thank you!


Downloaded your game because it looks fun, one issue is that my monitor is at 4k and I cannot see your game, how do I increase the window size?

Wooow, Your Game Is Awesome!!!!


Thank you very much! :)

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