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A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Ludum Dare 44 game by @landinger and @wowa_u

Puzzle in lines and squares. Gain life and smash Goblins. Trade the goblins blood and your life in the shop into weapon upgrades better life potions and even mightier enemies with more blood in them to level up more and more. But be prepared the goblins will try to take your life for them.



LMB controls everything except sound on/off… thats “m” on your keyboard

How to play

Combine items (weapons and potions) by connecting them with lines

Combine more items with a square

Gain life with collecting potions

Remove bushes with weapons

Hit enemies with weapons to collect blood

Combine different weapons for more damage

Upgrade and unlock new weapons in the shop with your life

Goblin blood is highscore

Upgrade goblins to get more blood


Download 24 MB
Download 23 MB


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Hey, I've included your game to my video from Ludum Dare 44.  Enjoy

Hey! Thanks a lot! :)

Pretty cute and fun. And I didn't run into the bug that freezes the game. :) 


Thank you very much for the let's play

My pleasure. My fridge is full of goblin blood now. :)